Blood Electrification – The easy in-Vivo way Bob Beck

Bob Beck 
Blood Electrification –  The easy in-Vivo way 
Revision  May 16, 1997. Informational use only. Not intended as medical advice. Copyright  1997 Robert C. Beck 

Several years of experimentation and thousands of successes have resulted in simple, fast, proven ways to Implement this most important step in self-healing. 

1. Build your own or purchase a ready-to-use device,

With adequate detoxification, some use two or more blood electrifiers simultaneously to speed the recovery process, however one instrument works superbly. 

2 Prepare and label a sea-salt-in-water solution for electrode wetting. Use 2 teaspoon of sea salt in a 2 ounce dropper bottle. Greater salt concentration can cause osmotic skin bums, irritation and rash. Add water and 4 drops of Pyrex or Clorox, Let salt dissolve. Filter through paper towel to clarify this storable conductive interface between cotton covered electrodes and skin. NEVER let bare metal electrode or any small area of metal touch skin directly, or it will bum. 
Use natural salt only, not table salt containing iodine for goiter end aluminum end silicates to insure easy pouring. 

3. For best electrical conductance scrub skin at electrode locations with an alcohol swab or soap and water to eliminate oils, grime, dead cells, etc., rinse and 
dry. With fingertip rub a drop of salt water into pores along each electrode site. 

4. Referring to illustrations, carefully feel for pulses and trace a line about 1 inch along at each wrist site precisely on top and inline (parallel) with located blood
paths. Pulses are harder to feel on side opposite thumb. Never place electrodes over new lesions, cuts, abrasions, or sunbum. Muscle twitching in palm and 
fingers is normal and experienced occasionally. 

5. Dip electrode covers into bottle to saturate initially. Position wet electrodes not over ~3/32 wide and 1-3” long to wrist precisely over traced pulse paths. 
Slide from forearm side underneath a snug 1” wide stretch elastic band with Velcro holding overlapped ends. One electrode positions on radial (thumb) side, 
the second on opposite (ulnar) side of same hand. Current is confined to blood in lower forearm. Very little electrification is detectable elsewhere thus making 
safer for heart pacer users. 

6. Put larger models in pocket and run electrode cord down sleeve or strap the smaller electrifier  with stretch-band to forearm. 
Plug in electrodes, turn on and advance slowly to comfortable level.

7. Re-adjust power occasionally to maximum comfortable level. You can even sleep with it on without fear. When the treatment (about two hours per session daily for a month but only after detoxifying) is finished, turn it off and put it aside until tomorrow. Blood cleansing can be speeded with heat; example: wrapping forearm and hand with attached electrodes in heating pad set to high. When the yellow LED's flash alternately with electrodes unplugged you know it's working properly. 

8. Keep electrodes wet by re-moistening occasionally with drops of salt water using eye dropper in bottle cap. When finished rinse wrists. Wash electrodes periodically with soap, water and soft toothbrush to eliminate skin oils and soils. Soaking overnight will dissolve caked salt. Discoloration at ends is normal. 
When frayed or worn, discard old covers and rewrap stainless rods with 3 turns of 100% cotton flannel. Secure tightly with a few turns of thread wrapped to 
end, spiral back to beginning and tie. Electrodes should last for months, but wire leads break and must be replaced eventually. 

What's inside the instruments? Preferred electrifiers must generate a 3.9 Hz (not critical) biphasic, 50% duty cycle sharp-rinse-time square wave, ± 27v peak adjustable output, capable of delivering several milliamperes into a low resistance load at skin surface (± 2000 Ω impedance) which after losses through tissue resistances delivers the necessary 50 to 100 microamperes through flowing blood. This suppressed medical discovery is proving to neutralize or eliminate all parasites and their mycotoxins, fungi, viruses, microbes, germs, pathogens, bacteria, or any other foreign invaders in blood without drugs. There are no known side effects to healthy cells, tissue, or fluids. Elimination can be verified by dark field / phase contrast microscopy. 

Precautions: Badly debilitated patients such as full blown AIDS victims should begin electrification at less than 20 minutes every second day and flush by drinking lots of pure immediately-ozonized water because their systems will go into rapid detoxification causing physical symptoms called Herxheimer's syndrome. Users taking ANY medications, herbs, toxic vitamins or even traces of garlic in food should minimize these substances in blood for at least two days before starting and avoid other agents including coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, medications, recreational drugs, etc., during the several weeks of recovery. 
“Electroporation” is shown to increase dosage effects by levels up to 20 times normal of anything drunk, shot, or ingested thus causing problems. This is documented by J.C. Weaver, Harvard-MlT, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 51: 426-435;1993. Patients needing essential medications should take them immediately after turning off electrification and wait 24 hours before next blood cleansing. This lets drug residues decay to minimum levels in plasma before re- electrifying. If detoxing becomes disturbing, proceed even more slowly. Symptoms may include fever, giddiness, dizziness, headaches, light-headed vagueness, nausea, skin rashes, eruptions, itching, boils; coughing, kidney and liver discomfort, aches, general malaise, inflammations, frequent urination, and sluggishness. Use caution when detoxing patents with impaired liver or kidney function. But remember it's far better to force wastes out of your system than leaving stored where they may have been hiding for years. 

Treat even more slowly if initial discomfort occurs. Electrification will profoundly improve your health and sometimes provoke your deepest unconscious mind-sets such as everyone's conflicting guilt and death wishes. This generally causes noticeable anxiety and depression which may accompany recoveries.