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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bio Tuner Layout Help with StripBoard and PCB

I build an enhanced version of the Bio Tuner for the fraction of the price of a Sota device for $120.00.  Shipping inside the U.S. is $7.00.  Outside the U.S. is $25.00.  Paid through PayPal.   For your convenience I have added the buttons on the right side of the blog page
I made a few enhancments to the drive frequencies. 0.5 hz for relaxation, insomnia, or headaches, 11 hz, to give a relaxed but alert feeling, and 111 hz which helps with production and release of beta endorphins.  I also added Solfeggio frequencies 528 hz which is the DNA repair frequency, and 963 hz which is said to bring the body back into it's perfect state.  So my device is a new and improved and better device for the fraction of the price of a Sota device.
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If you are interested
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For your convenience I have added the buttons on the right side of the blog page
(Electrodes included but not displayed in image.)  
The purpose behind this simple design is simplicity.  
Nothing fancy here on the outside, it's what's on the inside.  
It is what Dr. Beck had in mind, set at 3.9hz Biphasic 50% pulses
You simply plug in the electrodes, and turn it on.  
Other devices out there have a bunch of fancy frequency settings and fancy lighted displays
but my devices' purpose is nothing but to kick pathogen butt.
All of the parts are quality parts, and my units are thoroughly tested.
And I am the only one to offer this device with
low pulsed Ultrasound frequencies.

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Damages the protein coating of virus' making them unable to replicate.  It was also found to hinder all pathogens and parasites.

Dr. Bob Beck Brain Synchronizer Layout help

For a Detailed Vero Board Layout and PCB layout 
as well as complete instructions on how to build this device 
just make a $20 donation, 
My instructions include a none mini potentiometer layout, 
so no tuning is required.

Here's the Schematic