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Bio Tuner Layout Help with StripBoard and PCB

  The Original Bob Beck Bio Tuner
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I offer the Original Bio Tuner
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How My Double FM Bio Tuner and Ultrasound Low Pulsed Bio Electrifier has Helped Me

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My Solfeggio Double FM Modulating
Bio Tuner

The original Bio Tuner or BT7 or BT9 modulates
from 111hz to 1khz only.
My Bio Tuner 
modulates between (3) combinations
1.) 0.5hz, 963hz, and 528hz
2.) 11hz, 963hz, and 528hz
3.) 111hz, 963hz, and 528hz

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Bio Electrification Device
 You simply plug in the electrodes,
add a 9volt battery(not included)
strap  the electrodes to your wrist,
and turn it on!

(it will not shock you)
(The device is safe and effective!)
warning:  Bob Beck stated in his protocol in case of a 'Pace Maker' DO NOT! USE wrist to wrist, but only on a single wrist using the Ulnar and Radial Arteries.  Just a percaution that the voltage could interfere with it.  But on a single wrist, the voltage only flows up the forearm to where the Ulnar and Radial Arteries meet by the bend of the arm.)
  1. All of the parts are quality parts.
  2. My units are built to last. 
  3. My units are thoroughly tested before sending out.

My device is light weight
2 LEDs on side 
(indicate working circuit when electrodes are not plugged in)
Easily carried in the hand
Very simple to use 
Fits in your pocket
Uses one 9 volt battery.
(A 9volt DC only wall adapter can also be used.)
For a little extra charge, a handy appendage device mounting strap can be supplied.
making the unit easy to carry around.

What's included with your purchase.
  1. The Device
  2. The Electrodes (Choice of Ulnar/Radial or U-Band Carotid for neck)
  3. (2) cotton straps (wet and wrap around electrodes)
  4. (2) velcro wrist straps
  5. (optional arm device mounting strap) for a little extra.

How do you use this device?
How to use My Bio Electrifier VIDEO. 
1.) Drink plenty of water to flush out the organisms. (At least 8 cups before use)
2.) Plug in the electrodes at the top plug of the device.

3.) Wet cotton covers wrap around electrodes (1 per electrode)

4.) Strap electrodes to wrist above the arteries with velcro straps.

5.) Electrodes can be placed (1) to each wrist (This will cover more blood) I do this.
(how ever wrist to wrist is ill advised with a pace maker)

6.) Turn Amplitude knob to low.

7.) Turn on device. 

8.) Turn the Knob towards high until you get a gentle thump to both electrodes.
a note:
If you turn the device to high it WILL NOT SHOCK YOU.
It will only cause muscle contractions. 
If a thump is not felt:
1.) The battery is to low.
2.) You don't have the electrodes place over the arteries.
3.) The cotton covers are not wet.
4.) Or the electrodes are not plugged in.

Time of treatment:
1 hour if electrodes are wrist to wrist.
2 hours if electrodes are on one wrist. (Not used with a Pace Maker)

How do I know this device works?  
Because I use it.  I've used this device for over 3 years.  I used to catch every cold, and every freaking pathogen that came up for that given season, and these things wouldn't go away.  I would get severe bronchitis, but now.  The only thing I might get if that, is a single day or two of feeling a little bad, and minor sniffles.  I haven't had a severe sickness in 3 years of use, and before I discovered this device I had just gotten over a 2 month major bronchitis attack.  I thought I was going to die.  I had no insurance so the Dr.'s knowing I was close to being admitted to the hospital gave me free antibiotics, but even those didn't clear it up.  It was horrible, but now.  I'm not even nervous when others are sick around me.

My Price is Low for this Awesome piece of Technology
plus shipping and handling.
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My Full Solfeggio
Bio Tuner
Molecular Vibrator
Bio Tuner
8 Solfeggio frequencies 
Each giving their unique harmonic overtones.

By a flick of the switches
Different combinations of Solfeggio tones are emitted.
The electrodes fill your body 
with their beneficial tones and harmonics

No, this is not a Neurophone.
This is more deep and penetrating
than listening to them through speakers
Like Binaural Beats

This Device produces
Electromagnetic Solfeggio Tones
 and inducts them into the body.

These vibrations
are causing the molecules in your body
to vibrate with them.
This causes a change at the 
molecular level.
So all of the damage caused by years of exposure to
 harmful electromagnetic frequencies
can be altered back to their better state of vibration.
285 hz
 Restructures you energy field.
396 hz
 Liberating Guilt and Fear.
417 hz
 Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change.
528 hz
 Transformation and Miracles (DNA repair).
639 hz
 Connecting and Relationships.
741 hz
 Awakening Intuition.
852 hz
 Returning to Spiritual Order.
963 hz
 Brings Body back into it's perfect state of vibration.

You are also being fed
with a rich source of
Harmonic Overtones
so a setting of
285hz will also produce: 570, 855, 1140, 1425, 1710, 1995 etc.
528hz will also produce: 1056, 1584, 2112, 2640, 3168, etc.
852hz will also produce: 1704, 2556, 3408, 4260, 5112, etc.
963hz will also produce: 1926, 2889, 3852, 4815, 5778, etc.

This device is a  
Bio Tuner 
with a kick.
 Flooding the body with

rich harmonics and vibrations
of the Solfeggio Electromagnetic Music Scale.

These are healing frequencies
they all have unique healing and calming effects upon the body.
These are unique tones that are not like the modern tones used today,
They are very ancient in origin
and have unique traits about each one of them.
And this device utilizes them in a unique way
in order to bring the body back into vibrational correctness.

All things vibrate!

How does this device work?
This device causes molecular electromagnetic resonance to the molecules. Our protein molecules  have 70 different receptors and to each of these molecules, when these frequencies reach them they begin to vibrate with these frequencies.  The receptacles by a means of transduction brings the vibrations into the cell and alters or changes the cell's responses and the cell makes a protein that carries out the cell's response to that vibration in either the Cytosol or the Nucleus.

How the device is used.
The device is used like a Bio Tuner in that you wrap the electrodes and wet the covers with an electrolyte and place them behind the ears, but you don't have to just place them there.  You can place them on the wrist or at the neck on the temples, or any where on the body at that matter.  It will not shock you.  It is AC coupled with a transformer so that no direct current is reaching the body.  

So Now I am going to offer this amazing device for an insane price of
I could ask for over 200 dollars for it
but in my hope to help others
I am only asking for $120.

shipping inside the US is 7.00
shipping outside of US is 25.00

I have placed the Buy Now buttons on the right side of the Blog page for ease of ordering
Get yours and receive the benefits of Solfeggio tones.
Medical Disclaimer

Dr. Bob Beck Brain Synchronizer Layout

Here's the Schematic